CorePlayer for Smartphoneを購入しようと米国のカードを使いましたが、相変わらず米国でセキュリティの厳しいサイトは馬鹿の一つ覚えのように「電話して」といいます。




Hello, Sebastian.

I used my US credit card but Mobihand demanded to contact you by phone.
I explained I have US credit card, but I am living in Japan now and because of time difference, I cannot show my phone number. I also think your phone contact to my Japan phone number does not pass your credit card policy.
So I told your customer service I have to cancel my order with my explanation of the above.

However your charge is still shown on my US bank account and your customer support is still demanding my Japan phone number....

You are VP of Marketing, so I expect your solution!!


PS Actually I am returning customer and I have bought Core Player for PPC when I lived in US.

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2009/9/4 MobiHand Customer Support

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2009/09/03 6:48 MobiHand :

Hello XXX XXX,

We apologize for a delay in processing of your order. We regularly check
orders to avoid fraudulent transactions, to protect our customers and our

We expect this order to be processed within the next 15 minutes. If after
that time you have not received the email order confirmation for this
purchase, please reply to us with a phone number where we can call you to
make sure that the actual account holder has placed this order.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,
MobiHand Payments, on behalf of MobiHand

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: KCX-742245
Department: Online Orders
Priority: Medium
Status: Staff Reply

2009/9/4 MobiHand